Great riders and horses are built when form follows function.

My horse career began at Spring Hill Farm in Lake-in-the-Hills, Illinois.  I was fortunate to be part of a great crowd of learners, and am one of many students of that era who earned professional status later in life.


I have a total-horsemanship philosophy when training the hunter discipline, beginning with horse sense and safety.  I have an extensive knowledge of appropriate human and equine structure and fitness.  Because of this, I bring logical equine and rider solutions (that REALLY work) to the ring.  If you and your horse are physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of getting the job done, we WILL get it done. This is about YOUR goals and dreams, always.


I've worked with horses and riders in most every discipline.  I've tried them, trained them, competed in them, and coached them.  I bring all of that education to the ring when working with my primary chosen area of focus, hunters over fences.  

Because of my well-rounded background, I will “speak your language.”  I understand  almost every issue you can describe, and will provide real-life solutions to your riding and training program. I believe I am responsible for how I am heard, both in riding and instruction.  In addition to "have fun", here's my motto:

1.      Catch people and horses doing things right, always.

2.      Appeal to the nature of a horse with simple, logical aids.

3.      Be frank but polite about where a problem lies and how to fix it.

4.      Learn to set up for success but allow for error.  Both horse and
         rider learn best in this environment.


I invite you to contact me for personal consultation or lessons at 262-470-8146.

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